1 In 2 US Home Owners Are Considering A Short Sale, Are You?

by Michelle Manausa on January 3, 2012

Are you sick and tired of worrying about mortgage payments? Do you think your only option is a foreclosure? Are you considering ‘walking away’? Struggling to do a loan modification? Is a short sale right for you? Tens of millions of homeowners are asking themselves the same questions. It is projected that over 20,000,000 homeowners will have negative equity in their homes by this time next year. In other words they will owe more on their homes than they are worth. Over 2.9 million homes have foreclosed in the last 3 years and the number is only expected to grow. Expect the effect of the real estate recession to ripple for years to come.

There is expected to be a massive tidal wave of homeowners who are simply making the decision to sell their homes through a short sale vs. staying in a home and hoping that one day it may be worth what they paid.

No one is safe. News stories from across the country tell the tales of both celebrities and the average American who are all considering selling their homes through a short sale. The decision is no longer a morale one, rather it is what is the wisest financial decision you can make with the largest asset that you own. With roughly 40% of US homes under water with their mortgage, you won’t be the only one wondering if a short sale is right for you!

Choosing to sell your home through a short sale need not be a shameful, life-ruining experience. Sometimes short selling your mortgage simply makes wise economic sense, especially for homeowners who find themselves “upside down” – that is, they owe more on their mortgage than their house is worth.

Fortunately, you can download a new free e-book titled “Should I Short Sale My Home?” which has been written to help you better understand all of your options and the methods that your competitors are now employing to sell their homes. Regardless of what you choose, wouldn’t you feel better making an informed decision?

Joe Manausa is the top authority on short sales in Tallahassee. You can read his free e-Book “Should I Short Sale My Home” and gain the benefit of short selling your home.. Also published at 1 In 2 US Home Owners Are Considering A Short Sale, Are You?.

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