A Lot Better Than Expected – Hilton Head Real Estate Book Critique

by Brooklyn Rodriguez on January 16, 2012

Mr Lucier mentioned in his book that the reader is getting a one-on-one advice. I couldn’t believe it when I sent him an email for an advice; He replied immediately with a great advice.

I’m going to read it again, and after I read his other book that I bought with this book. Today after I finished the book around 1:30PM or 2:00PM I sent Mr Lucier an email, a very long one.

Very well written and organized book, packed with great material. Most so called Real Estate guru’s would charge many times the price for this book and give the same material. He tells it like it is. This book is one of the best pre-foreclosure books out there. He truly does not have any “gatekeepers”! Mr Lucier’s book has filled in the details and put some much needed process and step by step guidelines into place for me. He pulls no punches about those that will try to take advantage of you. He tells a few stories about his experiences which I enjoyed reading. Unlike most books that give you the “fluff” of how good the real estate business is, Tom actually gives you the step-by-step process to investing. Definitely a must for beginning investors and I would suspect that it would be beneficial for experienced investors as well.

This book is a self-help book, but it reads like a novel. Lots of real life stories, very inviting style.

I know that there would have been no way for me to get into this business blindly and even after studying Mr Lucier’s book, my first real transaction was quite daunting. Mr Lucier was exceptionally keen on pointing out the psychology of both the seller going through a foreclosure and a novice pre-foreclosure investor like myself. This booked helped me a lot to buy a foreclosure property. Also, the realtor I worked with was surprised how much I know about buying a property.

The most amazing part is that he not only answers your emails personally, but he answers them fast. No other author I’ve come across does that. By far, I enjoy this book more than any other book because it is very specific. It truly is a guide for becoming a wealthy Real Estate Investor. Thanks again Tom for a well-constructed publication! This book is absolutely great for any investor, but it is perfect for anyone interested specifically in foreclosures. He puts together a step by step process to follow as well as offering the tools to be successful. After I purchased and read the book I sent out my first letters.

This is a must have for any investors library. In plain English that anyone could understand, Lucier has organized an excellent, lucid, and articulate step-by-step plan that anyone with the will and perseverance to succeed as an investor in pre-foreclosure properties can follow (and should consider adopting).

This book does outline his program of acquiring properties before they go to sale. used gooseneck trailers.

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