A Review Of How Double Glazed Wooden Sash Windows Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

by Kris Colwell on March 15, 2012

Timber screens get rotten with time. They also develop cracks and starts rattling. Opening and closing of these windows also becomes tough with time as rust develops and dust materials get in the sill. As such people think of reinstating their wooden sash windows with plastic material windows. It is recommended that you discover why double glazed wooden sash windows can increase the value of your home, so that you give a second thought to discarding them.

In a double glazed sash screen made of timber, there are 2 glass panes. Between these 2 panes, there is a space that is filled with gases like Xenon, Argon, Krypton or such other gases. Sometimes, air is also filled. This acts like a leak proof insulation material.

Then there is the aesthetic value of timber screens. They almost always give a unique and individual character to the property. This opposed to the more mass production line look portrayed by plastic window. Screens provide the flexibility to create a variety of architectural looks of old era. Furthermore, properties showing individual and unique characteristics tend to be the most sought after. With time, such houses become worthy.

You can decorate and adorn the sliding screens in a beautiful way by using accessories like heavy drapes and curtains, roller blinds and wooden shutters. This enhances their looks to give them an antique look. These screens do not crack easily.

They can be restored and repaired by yourself or you can even hire some repair specialist to do this job. The restoration and repairing work is not just simple to do but also low cost. So it is an easier and cheap option to professionally renovate the old timber screens than replacing them with new plastic ones.

These screens last for long time. It may stay still centuries with good maintenance. Repair, restoration and renovation must be done on a regular basis for long lasting results. With proper care they can be a beauty of your house for a long period.

Wood does not require processing like plastics do, thus significantly reducing the amount of harmful and toxic chemicals used during manufacture. Couple this with the fact that wood is a material that makes wooden sash windows eco-friendly, having a compounded effect in reducing ones carbon footprint.

Finally, after finding all the goodness of these screens, you are sure to get them installed. If you already own them then you will definitely renovate them and maintain them properly hereafter.

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