An Overview Of Pre Purchase House Inspections

by Gnifrus Urquart on December 4, 2011

Pre purchase house inspections are an important part of any home buying process, and can be just as important for those who are selling their homes. While people sometimes believe that a cursory inspection is sufficient to identify any serious problems, the fact is that every house should be thoroughly inspected prior to any sales agreement being finalized.

A proper inspection will alert both buyer and seller to any structural damage, while also providing assurances to the buyer that everything about a home has been fully disclosed. For sellers, having their own inspection done prior to putting the home on the market can often avoid disclosure issues later in the sales process.

Trust experience

Forget about using that brother-in-law who dabbles in carpentry. A home inspector needs training and experience in a variety of different systems if the inspection is to be as thorough as it needs to be. Make a point of finding an inspector who has performed many inspections, and verify his experience before retaining his services.

Insured inspectors are preferred

It is a good idea to try to find an inspector who has insurance that covers any errors he might make in the inspection process. Never take it for granted that he is covered, since some inspection companies try to get by without these policies. Ask for a copy of the policy if there are any doubts in this area.

Timing is everything

Be sure that the inspection takes at least a couple of hours. It will take that much time for any decent inspector to examine every aspect of a home to ensure that everything is as it should be. If this seems like a long time, try to remember that he has to review each of the main systems within the home as well as check it for any potential structural issues.

Reporting the results

While some reports can take days to prepare, depending upon the methodology used, most can be in the hands of both buyer and seller within a few hours. Inspectors should be asked to provide an approximate time frame for completion of this critical paperwork.

And then there is the cost associated with a full inspection. While it might be tempting to go with the cheaper, less expansive examinations, most people who do so live to regret it. Though they can run as much as a few hundred dollars, it is still well worth the money to have pre purchase house inspections performed by experienced professionals.

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