Arizona Has Cheap Homes Due to Short Sale

by Andrew Goodwin on March 13, 2012

In light of the economy upheaval taking place across the United States and the bubble burst in the housing market, there are many cheap homes due to short sale in Arizona available to homebuyers. Short sales are a result of several forces. For one thing, construction took a dive as the nation went through the recession. Now the economy of the state is beginning to improve, especially in the areas of call center staff, customer service and telemarketing. website displays that Maricopa was the county with the highest listed foreclosures. The majority of these cheap homes are listed in in Phoenix and the surrounding areas of Glendale and Scottsdale.

Located a four-hour drive from the Grand Canyon, Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. In Phoenix, you can find jobs at Intel, Amazon, and several other major companies that have storage and factories in this area.

Scottsdale is viewed as a fancy area. These are not cheap homes – some of these short sale houses are listed at over a million dollars. Glendale is a family town, and it offers a middle-class environment.

If you are looking for cheap homes due to short sale in Arizona, the best play to turn your efforts to will be homes that are entering the foreclosure process. The homeowners are looking to do Arizona short sales to save their home and this can be a way to get an affordable home.

The great thing about online cheap homes listing sites like is that their nationwide database and their easy-to-use search box allows homebuyers to easily locate cheap homes due to short sale anywhere in the country. Arizona being such a wonderful state to live in, we recommend you consider the short sales available in this state.

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