Best Kept Secret On Fixing Your Credit And Get Your Loans Approve

by Natou Johnson on February 15, 2012

Here’s the best kept secret on how to fix your credit, they don’t want you to know.

Your is credit is one of the most important things you have these days, because you need for whatever your are doing now days.

There are some simple steps to follow and be on the way to getting that loan approved.

. you need to contact all the credit bureau, transunion, experian equifax.

– Request your credit report and look at it item by item to be sure there is nothing you are unaware of.

– At the end of the credit report there will be the address of each credit bureau.

Anything you don’t know anything about you need to call the credit bureau or write them and dispute it.

It must be written. Do not bother to call and dispute. The bureau will insist on this is written proof for the consumer, the bureau and the company that reported it.

Any possible identity theft must be reported to the local police department. A report should be filed and include your written dispute to the credit bureau.

If there are items that cannot be disputed, contact the creditor directly and renegotiate the terms of repayment. It may be up to three weeks to hear anything back from the bureaus and they may request additional proof.

Most creditors will be willing to work out a new arrangement but some may be resistant. A suggestion that you may be filing for bankruptcy may help. The company will typically want to get some money back as opposed to nothing. Know the terms that you are able to keep without defaulting and work from there. Credit is often part of those big life choices, like buying a home or starting a new business, repairing it a necessity.

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