Buying Property In Bonita Or Chula Vista

by Jonathan Surratt on December 29, 2011

There is a large choice of properties available in both Bonita and Chula Vista, and as interest rates are lower at the moment, now is a great time to invest in both Chula Vista real estate and Bonita real estate. The cities are between 10 and 30 miles apart, and enjoy much the same weather and year round climate.

Why Invest In Properties In These Cities?

Both cities have a lot to offer both residents and visitors. Bonita has a population that is largely rural and equestrian, and the unincorporated community is located in the Sweetwater River Valley. The surrounding mountains, lakes and valleys offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activiites, and one of the best things about the community is the Chula Vista Municipal Golf Course in central Bonita. The Sweetwater National Park, established in the 1990s, is also another popular place for both tourists and visitors alike, and offers hiking and walking trails, a campground and other year round facilites. Many of these facilities are widely used by horse riders during the summer season. Chula Vista is a large city in the South Bay region, situated along the border with Mexico, and the city is famous for its Olympic training facilities, that are open to visitors. The city’s location ensures a pleasant Mediterranean style climate, and the Sweetwater Marsh division of the San Diego Bay NWR benefits from the warm climate. The area boasts plenty of spectacular and beautiful views, and indeed, the name of the city means beautiful view.

Buying A Home In Bonita Or Chula Vista

Both of these California cities offer a wide variety of real estate options, including condos and apartments of all sizes, types and prices, in addition to stylish and sought after penthouses. Investing in property in either place is an excellent way to secure a vacation home in two of the most popular areas in this part of the state. It is an easy process to buy a second home and then rent it out to the tourists who flock to the area during the peak season, to enjoy the parks, gardens and training centers. If you are buying a property to rent out in order to make some extra money, do some research and make sure that the property is located close to amenities such as stores and schools, as well as being within easy reach of the main roads. One of the best ways of finding just the right home is to use the services of an experienced and knowledgeable realtor, such as McMillin Realty – who knows the area well and can help you to find just the right home, although it is also advisable to look at as many different homes as you can before making a firm decision.

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