Buying Short Hills Real Estate

by Rose Ruvalcaba on December 22, 2011

A basic knowledge of this New Jersey area, along with current house prices, are required for anyone who is planning to invest in Short Hills real estate, either for personal reasons, or business related.

One of the appeals of Short Hills is its proximity to New York City, and it has become popular with those who work in NY, can afford to buy a nice home, but want to live in the suburbs. The community is in Essex County, in the attractive township of Milburn, although it was originally a part of Springfield, and its roots go back to the time of George Washington. Because of this, the community is affluent, but also manages to retain its Colonial feel.

There are plenty of stately older homes, many of which have been renovated, although the community also has newer homes. Regardless of their age and style, in general, Short Hills homes are targeted at those families whose median income is at or above $200,000.

If you take a drive through Short Hills, you will notice a definite refined and elegant look, although homes come in various styles and sizes. Properties available include homes in the Colonial and Tudor styles, as well as ranch homes and homes on a split level. Many homes here are beautifully landscaped, with lush and well maintained grounds. The surrounding countryside is dominated by a series of low hills, as the town’s name might suggest, and the varied topography is somewhat refreshing in this rather flat part of the state.

There are several reasons why Short Hills real estate is regarded as a good investment. In addition to the proximity to a major city, the area also boasts the Mall at Short Hills, one of the best in the country, as well as excellent public schools, a thriving downtown and the famous Paper Mill Playhouse. The Paper Mill is not only a notable arboretum and bird sanctuary, it is also the venue where many Hollywood stars began their careers.

Real estate values have also benefited from the recent Kearny Connection, which provides direct rail service to Manhattan’s Penn Station, and the dip in housing prices nationwide has not been visible here. As the country’s economy improves, homes here will surely only increase in value, making now a good time to buy property in Short Hills.

Unlike many areas of the Northeast, homes here have been selling for around 95 percent of their listing price, as of October 2011, and the average listing price here is around $1,611.738. Homes stay on the market for a relatively short 85 days. Short Hills boasts some desirable townhomes with average listing prices over a million dollars, although the main type of home is the single family home.

Short Hills is an ideal choice for anyone wanting to enjoy a return on their investment, live in a desirable area close to nature, yet within easy reach of NYC.

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