Cheap Homes in Fairbanks Alaska

by Andrew Goodwin on March 23, 2012

Bank foreclosures in Fairbanks North Star Borough Examined

Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska can be considered an amazing place to live. When you feel like it is time to move and you need to change your scenery, Fairbanks North Star Borough could prove to be the perfect locale to select. Who would not want to reside in the best location in Alaska? In the heart of the summer, night time never arrives as the sun rises and shines for 24 hours a day. You do not have to deal with issues of being in an over-crowded or overpopulated area either.

If you decide to live in Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska, you will have the best seat in the house to watch the Aurora Borealis and the Itidorad. You can save a lot of money purchasing bank foreclosures in Fairbanks North Star Borough. Since there is no state income tax, you save even more than you would by buying Fairbanks North Star Borough foreclosures than in any other place.

The following figure might be a surprise but there are around 630 Fairbanks North Star Borough foreclosures. As noted in reports from the RealtyStore website, the city with the highest volume of REO homes in Fairbanks North Star Borough would be Anchorage. The most tremendous concentration of foreclosures is found in Third County as the number is 110 and Fairbanks North Star County lists 69. Once you examine this high number of bank-owned homes, you will discover there are always cheap homes to pick from.

Bank Foreclosures in Southeast Fairbanks Borough

All home buyers who have an interest in buying cheap homes will learn it is possible to locate one within the many number of items listed inSoutheast Fairbanks Borough foreclosures. Foreclosures are frequently among the best investments to make since the lender or the financing institution who hold the mortgage would be more inclined to put it up for sale at a reduced price. Those foreclosure listings found on, a website which is commonly dubbed one of the top sources for REO homes throughout the United States, note there are current 9 homes to choose from in the Southeast Fairbanks Borough region. In this area of Alaska, tthere is an average household income that is roughly $54,000 which is around 80% of all wages in the nation based on national averages. About 6,000 people live here and a significant number of them are Eskimo and Native American.

The Southeast Fairbanks Borough has a land area of 24,814 square miles but the population density is 0.3 people per square mile and borders the Canadian Yukon Territory on the eastern side. The Southeast Fairbanks Borough is one of several unincorporated areas that have no seat local seat of government to represent them.

To get more info on buying bank-owned homes, check out the following article on foreclosure buying – this article presents excellent tips for finding cheap homes and offers descriptions of the various foreclosure types.

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