Cheap Homes in the Kodiak and Aleutians Islands

by Andrew Goodwin on March 23, 2012

Finding Bank Foreclosures in Kodiak Island Borough

Kodiak Island Borough, Alaska is a very welcoming and beautiful place to live. There are over 13,1913 people living in Kodiak Island Borough. It is home to several National Protected areas. If you are looking for a place to go and are in need of a new place to call home, you should consider purchasing Kodiak Island Borough foreclosures. These homes are very affordable and are highly sought after. Anyone who is looking for a new place to call home should look into the REO homes in Kodiak Island Borough.

Kodiak Island Borough foreclosures will come with a far smaller price than the median cost of home currently being sold. Thanks in large part to low costs, a lot of people from many different parts of the world will move to this location. As listed in stats on the RealtyStore site, it is presented there are 650 Kodiak Island Borough foreclosures. There are a number of counties with a high number of REO homes and these would be Fourth County with 20 and higher foreclosures in Matanuska-Susitna County at 50 and Anchorage County with an incredibly high figure of 477.

Bank foreclosures in Aleutians East Borough

Alaska is divided into sixteen boroughs. Aleutians East Borough has a population of 2695 and a median household income of $47,875. That number is well above the national average of $41,994. Aleutians East Borough has a high ratio of men to women (1.85:1). That statistic is #3 among all counties in the United States.

On the flipside, the individual per capita income is a shade below $25K which would be about 19% lower than the national average. For those wondering what the median selling price for a vacant home, the answer is roughly $95,000. Because of this, Aleutians East Borough foreclosures – bank-owned homes -can prove to be amazingly profitable for investors in properties that have the ability to purchase amazing properties at a fraction of their true value.

Those living in Aleutians East Borough are a population of tremendous diversity. Native tribes comprise a significant number of the population and you will find many peoples who are descended from Mexican, Filipino, Swedish, and Irish ancestry. A significant number of cultures are found in this region which contributes to the amazing appeal which it embodies Because of this, Aleutians East Borough to is home to six full communities with one major school and libraries numbering four.

The Aleutians East Borough comprises 7000 square miles and you can certainly travel quite easily. Public transportation is extremely popular here because not very many automobiles are purchased here.

If you’d like to get a good overview on bank-owned homes, go to this blog about foreclosed homes – this site has some tips on finding bank-owned homes and descriptions of every foreclosure type.

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