Comparing Mortgage and Income Protection Insurance

by Sally Rider on April 16, 2012

According to recent events and news all over the United Kingdom, people who may have bought their own houses through a mortgage loan are susceptible to suffer from lose their homes because they were not able to pay for their monthly insurance dues. This is also because of the fact that lots of workers experience unemployment or job redundancy and this would result to them being unable to pay for their usual monthly expenses.

To protect your income from financial difficulties obtain income protection cover. This type of insurance will assist you in looking after your family if in case you become sick and unable to work and thus also unable to provide for the basic needs of your family. If in case you experience some work stoppage and discontinuation in your regular income, your insurance provider will give you monthly payments of around 50% to 65% of your gross salary to help you get by with your daily needs until such time that you can work again and earn a living.

This is due to the reason that this type of financial product is also seen as an asset. Most of us resort to applying for mortgage loans and mortgage debt is probably one of the most luxurious loans one could ever obtain. When you purchase a mortgage loan, you also give your lender the assurance that you will do your best to commit to the necessary monthly premiums.

Conversely to safeguard your house during times of turmoil, it may be best to take out mortgage payment protection insurance. Mortgage payment protection insurance is the most suitable kind of insurance to take for individuals who are currently paying for their mortgage loan. Given that this is one of the most important forms of investment you can ever have you might consider protecting it as well.

This type of insurance will function if you are unable to work due to reasons beyond your control such as redundancy, serious illness, and even accidents. You will be provided a specific amount which you can use to pay for your monthly mortgage dues. Consider it as your safety net which can provide for you in times of dire need.

Not only that, what if the primary of the family would pass away? Without any type of insurance, the family will be left with nothing to work on and to deal with their monthly payments. If you have your own Mortgage payment protection cover you may not have to think about these problems anymore. Instead of worrying about how you may go on with your life should you face unfortunate events such as sickness and unemployment, mortgage payment insurance does this work for you.

Mortgage payment protection insurance gives you a percentage of your monthly salary if you are unable to work and you may use this to make sure that you can still pay for your insurance premiums. The price of the insurance payment you may get and the time it takes for the policy owner to acquire it may vary based on the kind of insurance policy you purchase.

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