Considering A Union Plus Credit Card

by Pat Randolph on December 4, 2011

If you are a member of a union and currently are not a Union Plus member, you might want to take a look at some of the benefits of getting a credit card with Union Plus.

So, what is so special about this card? First off, the Union Plus credit card is for union members only, it is not open to the public.

This translates into benefits that are going to be geared more towards the practical needs of hard working people. These benefits will also be real and considerable due to the fact that there will be more than one million union members choosing to use them.

Contrary to other credit cards that have some benefits that only apply to a few cardholders, the Union Plus credit card has offers that are down to earth, realistic and the everyday hard worker can use.

For those who qualify for a Union Plus credit card, can sign up for benefit alerts that let them know about such things as scholarships, discounts, and financial services.

These are part of the “Union Privilege” services that can deliver funding for special scholarships offered only to union members or their dependents, offer access to a special “coupon center” that gives discounts on things you really need, and even a credit service that gives access to credit reports and tracking.

If you should need any help with the service, this card has a union member advocate who will help out with any and all issues relating to the card or the account. No cardholders will be making an overseas call to a service agent who doesn’t understand the special needs of union members.

This sort of understanding is also obvious in the “Union Safe” benefits too. These benefits help someone stay financially safe even if he/she becomes disabled or unemployed.

These benefits are received in the form of special grants, and are a truly remarkable component of an account with the Union Plus credit card, but the list doesn’t end there.

The Union Plus credit card is the only card that is endorsed by the AF-CIO. The main reason being, is that it has a fine list of real benefits.

The endorsement is due to many things, but most importantly because it offers competitive rates, is limited only to union members, and because it has American-based customer support on a 24-hour basis.

Writer Pat Randolph explores the benefits of Credit Counseling and the different areas of Financial Help For Single Parents.

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