Decide On Sash Window Refurbishment Or Replacement Which Option Is The Best

by James Trent on December 31, 2011

When one is trying to decide whether replacement or refurbishment of a sash window is better it is important to take some time and understand the working of the system. It is also necessary to know one’s options as well. So, sash window refurbishment or replacement which option is the best really depends on what is wrong with the system as a whole. It also depends on which is more cost effective.

A sash window is an aperture with one or more glazed panes that are usually made of glass. However, good quality vinyl is also used in many cases to keep the cost of the aperture down. Sash systems are not like conventional ones with a door or two mounted on hinges. This kind of window comprises of two or more panes that slide vertically. Only half the aperture can be opened. The bottom pane can be slid up to open the aperture.

The mechanism of the aperture keeps the pane open and can keep the frame in any position without having to lock it in place. This mechanism consists of springs or weights that are mounted inside the casing at one of the vertical sides of the aperture. This is why the aperture is also called a case system at times.

The counter weight system comprises a pulley fixed at the top of the case by the side of the window, over this pulley is strung a cord connected to the sliding frame and the weights. The weights are equal to the weight of the sliding panel. This is why the panel stays in the position it is left. If the weights were heavier than the panel they would open and keep the frame open. If they were lighter the panel would slide down and remain closed.

One must try to understand what can really go wrong with a sash system. The answer is nothing really. The pulley mechanism can get tight or stuck because of rust or the sash slipping off it. The cord may break due to wear and tear. The spring could break or get unhinged, the wood may rot or break or the glass may shatter. Depending on the type of damage one will have to determine the cost of repair and decide whether replacement or refurbishment is better.

It is because most of the systems in use today are made from wood they need replacement due to wear and tear every few years. Some windows are constructed out of hardy wood and can last very long but the mechanism needs constant repair and servicing such as greasing the pulleys and springs from time to time. Modern systems are constructed from PVC or light metal and need little or no servicing.

If the mechanical parts such as the pulley and the springs are regularly oiled or greased, like once in a few months they will remain in perfect working condition for years and replacement or refurbishment will not be necessary.

It does not take expert knowledge to keep a sash aperture looking great and working perfectly. The side casings can be opened without removing the entire window. Oiling the springs and keeping the frames of the panes painted or polished with wax polish can ensure that the system will not need replacement or repairs for years to come.

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