Decorations For House Selling

by Paige Thompson on March 10, 2012

A house that clean, neat, and attractively decorated would surely attract the attention of potential buyers. But a house that’s overly decorated is also a bad thing, and buyers wouldn’t be attracted to it. Besides, having too much clutter and knick knacks would hide the architectural features of your house.

Below are a few tips for minimalist home decorating.

TRY TO MINIMIZE. Unimportant things should be put away. If there isn’t enough space in your home, then try asking your neighbor if you can use their garage. Remember that it’s only temporary, but after a while you might think you don’t really need that stuff around.

KEEP THINGS ORGANIZED. Now would be a good time to organize all your stuff and other projects. For the moment, get rid of anything you think you can live without. You can also start packing. If you want to find great looking baskets that don’t cost a lot, try looking at WalMart or PierOne. With those baskets, organization would be easier. You can use a large basket for stashing magazines and coasters under the coffee table. Baskets are also useful when it comes to putting away items in your bathroom like shaving cream and toothpaste. If you allow all those stuff to lay out in the open, people will get distracted and the house will look used.

ARRANGEMENTS. The things you keep around should be arranged in attractive ways so that your house will look interesting. In the kitchen, try to group the canisters together. If you spread them out, the counter will look smaller. This also applies to end tables, ledges, mantels, and bookcases. When it comes to grouping, make sure it’s no more than 3 things together and that they vary in height and size. For instance, try grouping 2 candles on one side of the mantle and something smaller on the other side.

You need to remember that most of the time, potential buyers would be curious about photographs or things that are personal in nature. If you spend too much time talking about a family tree then you’ll get nowhere in selling your house. For the moment, put away all your personal items.

Remember to make your house look attractive, decorated minimally with less distractions so the buyer could envision her/his stuff in your house.

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