Denver Mortgage – Ten Questions You Should Ask a Mortgage Dealer

by Priscilla V. Omdahl on March 14, 2012

Not every Denver Mortgage bank provides the very same mortgage loan and terms. Some have several tips than others, just offer traditional fixed interest rate thirty- year mortgage loans, or maybe will simply have 2 or 3 interest rate options. Simply because you are happy with how your bank works in terms of your checking and savings account doesn’t mean it’s the best option when it comes to securing a great home loan.

Listed here is a list of 10 questions you should ask each Denver mortgage lender you interview. Assign one list to every lender so when you can get home you are able to place them alongside and wisely choose who is going to present you the best deal.

What interest levels will you provide? The interest rate may increase the cost of the house significantly over the length of the loan. Your $400K home can simply equal $700K or maybe more in payments over the next 30 years.

What kind of points and application fees are there and is there a way for a discount? Points are equal to 1% of the amount of the sale. There are some that will reduce your rates of interest and some that may simply cost you more. Make them explain each thoroughly.

What will certainly the approximated settlement costs be? That way you can see if the seller can agree to pick up portion of the tab and exactly how much of your savings needs to go towards that rather than down payment.

Is the interest rate on this mortgage ready to be kept in, and is that a smart move? Sometimes Denver mortgage lenders and banks hold the inside track on data as to whether rates are going to increase or down in the near future.

Is there a pre-payment offer? If you aren’t sure you are going to stay in the house the full length of the loan, this isn’t a offer you need in your mortgage.

What is the lowest advance payment required? For a few loans it is actually 20% or you will have to take out PMI (private mortgage insurance) or maybe a second mortgage to make up the difference.

What will be the qualifying guidelines? You don’t want to spend your time going over a loan you’ve got no chance of qualifying for.

What docs should I provide? You’ll save a lot of time and headache if you have a clear idea of what they require to be able to process your loan.

How long can it take to approve my loan? Banks notoriously operate on a time schedule foreign to home purchasers.

What, if something, do you foresee that may hold off my loan approval process? Go in with your eyes wide open. Know your credit score and history first. Get honest answers instead of the run around.

In the event the Denver mortgage lender might satisfactorily answer all of these questions, you’ll have plenty of info to make your final decision. Explain that you are looking at several lending options. That could make them choose to work a bit more difficult for your business. Otherwise, move on to the next Denver mortgage company.

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