Discover Secrets On Why Sash Window Restoration Can Increase The Sale Value Of Your Property

by Damian Hounslow on January 18, 2012

Sash timber window restoration is not a new idea. Many homeowners have turned to restoration so they can keep their old windows and maintain the architectural style of their home. Repairing your windows not only helps you cut down on fuel bills. It also increases the resale value of your home. This article discusses how sash window restoration can increase the sale value of your property.

Traditional homes are remarkably unique and striking. Nonetheless, they fail to provide the modern conveniences of newly built houses. These type of windows, which are a common fixture in old-fashioned homes, are known for being drafty and poorly insulated. Heavy curtains may help reduce draftiness, but they also prevent natural light from entering a room.

Weather-proofing these windows may solve the problem of poor insulation. Wooden windows are surprisingly efficient in retaining heat when they are fitted with specialized windows. Some glazing methods increase the capacity of windows to maintain a comfortable temperature inside a room. Toughened glass, as well as security and acoustic window panes are also recommended for their resistance to rain and snow. A lot of homeowners have found weather-proofing effective in reducing fuel costs.

Investing in double-glazed windows is a smart way to help reduce fuel costs in the long run. These windows are also easier to maintain than old-fashioned timber frames. Those who are investing in new homes would be more willing to spend on something that offers energy-saving features. Aside from being cost-efficient, eco-friendly homes also lessen our carbon footprint.

Wooden timber sashes are sturdier but are also more prone to damage. Wood can deteriorate with repeated exposure to rain. If a wooden sash seems to be beyond repair, then it may be time to consider other alternatives. There are a hundred ways to have a frame or pane replaced. If you decide to replace the entire window with a more modern one, thermal vinyl-clad windows are your best bet.

Modern windows offer many conveniences, such as better insulation and energy efficiency. However, they lack the charm of wooden windows. The good news is there is no need to remove the whole window when replacing its frames. Some are even designed to look old-fashioned or antiquated to match the style of its frame.

By keeping the original style of the windows, you preserve the homes architectural style. Historical preservation may be a concern for some buyers, which is why it is necessary to stay true the original architectural style of the house. This should be easy to do, as there are hundreds of sash restoration options available.

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