Do It Yourself Home Loan Modifications Made Simple

by Michael J. Fisher on March 19, 2012

March 15, 2012 – Dallas, TX

“THE COMPLETE LOAN MODIFICATION SYSTEM”, a great new Workbook/System that helps Homeowners to be get approved for a loan modification without the hassel of hiring a “loan modification company” or even an Attorney, has recently been released to the public.

All the system information is available immediately at

Michael Fisher, has personally negotiated more than 400 loan modifications over the past four years for Clients in California, plus seven other states, He has personally written a coprehinsive 211 page Work book that contains an easy to follow, step by step explanation of exactly how to apply directly to your Lender for a modified loan to get an approval.

Michael has designed and written the System so that you would no longer have to send $2,500 to $6,000 to these loan modification businesses, and “fake law firms”, that hire salesmen who who mostly tend to do little more than hard sell Homeowners like you into sending money half way across the nation, and then offer little to no, honest assistance.

Mr. Fisher wants Homeowner’s to know, many of these “salesmen” are calling people and telling them they need an Attorney to obtain a modification. That they need someone with special training, or knowledge, someone with a certain know how, to be able to get their Lender to approve their modification. That is flatly NOT true! You do NOT need to hire an Attorney. You do NOT need to be an Attorney. All you need is to know exactly what the Bank wants to see from you, and in exactly what form, and how the ratio’s all have to balance in your package of documents. It is NOT HARD to achieve a modification, IF you know the KEY POINTS the banks want to see, and how they judge your documents.”

He wants Homeowner’s to know THEY CAN ACHIEVE A MODIFICATION ON THEIR OWN. And he can show them how. And, they do not need to spend thousands of dollars to receive all the knowledge and experience of how to be approved for a modification.

In addition to all the information and steps any Homeowner will need to know to be approved for a loan modification of a First Mortgage, there is also included at no charge, in every System, a 61 page Bonus Book of “How To Settle Your Second Mortgage/HELOC For Pennies On The Dollar”. This bonus book explains step by step how to use the System Mr. Fisher perfected to be able to negotiate Second Mortgages and HELOC’s for his Clients, wherein he was able to settle these loans for as little as 10% of the mortgage balance due.

Homeowner’s who have any interest in modifying their mortgage loans, and especially any Homeowner’s who have previously been denied a modification by their Lenders, should visit his website and spend a few minutes and read the entire HOME PAGE and all the various pages, ABOUT THE AUTHOR, TESTIMONIALS, COMPETITION, Q & A, and WHAT YOU GET.

There is also a section for Homeowner’s who may already be in Foreclosure, or even have a sale date set on their home, ALREADY IN FORECLOSURE.

Want to find out more about Michael’s Complete Loan Modification System? Visit Michael J. Fisher’s site on how to achieve a Loan Modification with out an Attorney.

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