Don’t Let The Banks Sell Your Home

by Michael J. Fisher on March 23, 2012

Michael Fisher has just released his new system called “How To Settle Your Second Mortgage/HELOC For Pennies On The Dollar” In his book, Michael explains exactly how to negotiate your second mortgages and HELOC’s for as little as 10% for the mortgage balances due. This system is a step by step, easy to follow system that any one can follow. Please take some time to look over Michael’s new system if you are in need of a modified loan. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Wit this system you now have the ability to apply for a second mortgage loan reduction or HELOC loan reduction with out the high cost of hiring an attorney or a loan modification company.

All the information about the System is available to Homeowner’s at

Michael Fisher, who over the past four years has personally negotiated almost 400 loan modifications for Clients in California, and seven other states, has written a complete Workbook/System that provides a comprehensive, step by step explanation of exactly how to present your request directly to your Lender for a settlement to be approved.

You no longer need to send $2000 to $5000 half way across the united states for a lawyer or loan modification company to help you settle your mortgages. Now you can utilize Michael’s system on your own for a mere fraction of the cost of a lawyer.

Mr. Fisher wants Homeowner’s to know, many of these “salesmen” are calling people and telling them they need an Attorney to obtain a settlement of their Second Mortgage. That they need someone with special training, or knowledge, someone with a certain know how, to be able to get their Lender to approve their settlement. That is flatly NOT true! You do NOT need to hire an Attorney. You do NOT need to be an Attorney. It is NOT HARD to achieve a settlement, IF you know the KEY negotiation points the banks is working within.

Learn more about How to achieve a Loan Modification with out a lawyer. Stop by Michael J. Fisher’s site where you can find out all about motgage modifications and how they can save your home.

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