Foreclosures in California’s Wine Country

by Andrew Goodwin on March 26, 2012

Affordable Housing in Napa County

Napa is considered a premier wine-producing county which is located northeast of San Francisco Bar Area, and ranks as the 6th largest of the wine producing counties of the U.S. This area is also known as a nature-lovers paradise with a large number of various flora and fauna along with many animals that have been placed on the endangered species list. The area population as of 2004 was 132,339. The median income for households in this county is said to be $51,738 with a per capital personal income as of 2002 being $38,361 and that is estimated to be 124% of the national average for per capita income.

In all of California, Napa County has some of the most appealing real estate. At the current time there are 804 Napa County foreclosures to choose from which provides those looking for great real estate an opportunity of a lifetime. Napa County foreclosures are some of the finest properties ready for purchase throughout the state.

Sonoma County Foreclosures

Sonoma County is on the northern section of California and is thought to be the largest county surrounding the San Francisco Bay Area. The estimated population during 2004 was around 468,450 individuals and that demonstrates an increase over the totals during the 2000 census of about 2.14 percent.

This median household income for this county is an impressive $53,076. According to estimates during 2002, Sonoma per capita personal income was $37,331 which is a 121 percent difference from what the nation has declared the national average for that year. Sonoma County proudly boasts that it ranks 7th largest of the nations wine producing counties, and currently states that there are 2,839 Sonoma county foreclosures being offered on the market today. House hunters should see this as great news if they are searching for perfect yet affordable bank-owned homes in California. Those families looking for exceptional options in North Coast properties will find great value from Sonoma County foreclosures.

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