Foreclosures in Washington County, AL

by Andrew Goodwin on March 24, 2012

Buying Foreclosures in Washington County, AL

Washington County is located in the north western region of Oregon State. Its population of approximately 529,700 is the 2nd highest one in the whole state. While the core household income of $45,900 is in fact below the state average, the total cost of living is relatively low. The county’s highest population is Portland’s 583,800, and the lowest populace is Rivergrove’s 300. The county’s greatest businesses involve farming, wood, and electronic products.

The number of foreclosures in Washington County listed on, a foreclosure listing website, is 27 homes this week – but since the site updates its listings weekly new deals become available regularly. REO (Real Estate Owned) bank foreclosures are certainly one of the most practical options.

Washington County offers home buyers several attractions, one of which is the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. This is a nationally protected area comprising roughly 1,800 acres of wetlands and lowlands. The refuge has been around for some time already, but it was only opened up to the public in 2006, and has since become very popular, in part because of easy accessibility.

The area has an incredibly diverse range of plant and animal life, and this in itself makes bank foreclosures in Washington County a very attractive option for home buyers.

Another reason why people move to Washington County is because it’s home to the prestigious Portland State University which was founded back in 1946.

Benefits of Buying Foreclosures in Clarke County

For many real estate buyers the slow economy that is prevalent today has made it a good time to purchase cheap homes for personal dwelling or as a real estate investment. This is especially true if one is looking for bank foreclosures in Clarke County in Alabama. According to the website, there are eight foreclosures listed in this county at the present time, but this changes weekly. Bank-owned foreclosures in Clarke County are a good opportunity for anyone interested in buying cheap homes as an investment or for their own personal use.

Founded in 1812, Clarke County is just one of the 67 counties which make up the State of Alabama, and has a total land area of roughly 1,300 square miles which is home to just over 26,000 people. Named after General John Clarke of Georgia, Clark County has a rich history, particularly with regards the native Creek and Choctaw people who first laid claim to the land. Clarke County also played a crucial role in the American Civil War because salt production in the area.

Clarke County is also considered to have an excellent business climate, largely because of two specific towns in the region – Jackson and Thomasvilla. Because of these to incredibly popular towns, there are now plenty of business and employment opportunities, and because the general cost of living is roughly 19% lower than the national average, buying bank foreclosures in Clarke County can prove to be very lucrative for investors. With that having been said, it’s also a great choice for those who simply want to live in the area.

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