From Children To Retirement Years: What Kind Of Home Will Suit You

by Hanna Mack on December 3, 2011

Most families have the home that they have been raised in. Once the kids are grown and gone many couples opt to make a move to a home that better suits their age and lifestyle. With fewer people in the household most couples find that they have little need for the additional space that their family home provided them and they truly don’t have the time or energy to keep up with the extra responsibility.

Most couples make the move in their 50’s or 60’s and from this standpoint they look toward communities that serve seniors. Most retirement communities, for instance, will help by keeping up with maintenance and yard work which can be extremely beneficial to those seniors who might be experiencing failing health.

A majority of senior communities also offer different levels of help for seniors from independent living to assisted living to full nursing home care, depending on their needs. Having a variety of options available to them allows for the individual to get what they need when they need it. Many older people move into an independent living arrangement and as one of them becomes more in need, they move to an assisted living or nursing care arrangement. This type of community not only meets the needs of the partner in failing health but allows both to stay together within this setting.

When couples reach this point they usually have certain requirements that they would like to have met whether they are looking at homes in a retirement or assisted living facility or they are living independently. Most people realize that with advancing age will come some health issues and due to this most people will select ranches over multi-level dwellings very simply because they make it simpler for those in failing health to get around. Even those that are not living in ranches are making sure that they have everything they need including a living area, kitchen, full bath, and bedroom on the main level so if it becomes difficult for them to go up and down stairs that they can still live in their home and take care of themselves.

As a family ages, the needs of the members become different and therefore it might be time to seek out a new dwelling one that suits its current needs. It can be difficult to give up the home that you raised your family in, however, it is important that you live someplace that better suits you needs as you age and provides you with the freedom to stay independent longer.

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