Get Paid To Sell a Roseville Short Sale Property?

by Howard Mills on March 17, 2012

Get paid to $35,000 to Short Sale my Home. This appears to be the most up to date new Short Sale topic with Householders. There are advertisements all over page 1 of Google, news articles on CNN and The NY Times. In our experience there’s some truth in this statement and a lot puzzlement that comes with this statement. Has it occurred? Yes.

Does it happen fairly often? No. All the trouble was started when Chase Bank’s “List Assist” program was launched, in which Chase bank is offers up to $35,000 to short sale your house.

To be accepted for the Chase Bank Short Sale Seller Incentive your loan must be what is often known as a “portfolio loan”, it must've been originated with Washington Mutual, been bought by Chase Bank through the acquisitions of Washington Mutual and it must be a Chase owned loan. There are lots of loans that were acquired by Chase Bank originally, but were then bought and sold off to investment Firms.

If this is the case you will not qualify for the Chase programme. What about the other Banks? Well most other banks have been removing or denying requests for move-out or seller assistance. Wachovia, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, do have special programs if your home loan is in a portfolio that has to be expedited off their books.

But , once more this is an especially low percentage.What about HAFA’s $3000 move-out Help? The HAFA programme is administrated by many banks through separate departments from the standard short sale departments.

The HAFA office is typically seriously understaffed and cannot handle quantity of business coming in. So, phones go unanswered, bureaucracy goes unnoticed, and houses go into foreclosure before the HAFA staff even returns a call, especially relating to Roseville Short Sales.

Fortunately now, lending organizations and banks are beginning to notice that they can save lots more money if a home doesn’t have to go through the full foreclosure process.

They in fact may still come out with new programs (that work better) that offer savings directly to the home-owner through various Get Paid To Sell My Home programs.If you are doubtful whether or not a short sale of your home is ideal for you then now might be the best time ever to discover.

There's no guarantee that the Get Paid to Short Sale My Home programs will be around for long. They may get changed or new programs may even come out.

These programs are totally experimental right now. But the happy news is there are house owners that have benefited considerably from these programs.Certain restrictions and qualifications do apply. At the moment, most owners won't qualify for a payout from their bank. The nicest thing you can do is contact a seasoned Short Sale Specialist to determine if you qualify.

Howard Mills is a respected content provider for the real estate industry. His articles focus on Sacramento Area Short Sales and writing about contacting credible Sacramento short sale agencies.

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