Get Ready To Pay Twice For Rio De Janeiro Apartments During Carnaval

by Herika Oliveira on January 30, 2012

Even with a worldwide economic recession, reasonably low value of the US Greenback versus the Brazilian real, sky-high inflation and living costs in Rio de Janeiro, the statistics show that tourism progress continues to be more powerful than ever which means selecting a vacation apartment in Rio remains to be a seller’s market, specifically in the high season between New Years and Carnival.

The annual growth of vacationers traveling to Brazil has developed 15% from 2010 to 2011. This all suggests the rio de janeiro real-estate rental market, especially for short-term tenants, is going to be even tighter than normal.

Copacabana offers more selections and customarily less expensive short-term flats than Ipanema or Leblon. For anyone in the market for a Copacabana apartment rental in between January and the end of Carnival, it will help to recognise several key factors plus some price ranges to expect. The essential understanding is that Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon are the most coveted regions while touring Rio.

Prices and availability manage to adhere to the same line, with more supply and the lower rates being present in Copacabana, much less choices and higher rates in Ipanema, and lastly Leblon with even much less properties and extremely high prices. In Copacabana a normal studio apartment which may run US$100 a night throughout the low time of year will be a little more in the peak season with costs being doubled during Carnival and New Years with a Ten night minimum requirement.

In Ipanema, an equivalent apartment increases three fold from its low season fee up to R$550 an evening with the same ten night minimum stay period. In Leblon a studio apartment, if one may still be located may be R$650 per night with the same time frame limitations.

If renting with a group or aiming to indulge, travelers will find deluxe penthouses in Copacabana and Ipanema several thousand dollars per day. When searching for rio de janeiro apartments from within Rio or from abroad, it is essential to work with a reliable firm that includes photos of the penthouse or flat as well as the area on the map so you are aware of just what you’re receiving.

Strategize promptly and acquire the very best pricing for your rio de janeiro holidays holiday plans. Even while rio apartments price levels could be high, good deals continue to be out there.

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