Getting Your Home Sold Thanks To Staging

by Greg Tilley on February 29, 2012

To market their homes back when the real estate industry was healthy all that homeowners did was vacate it after they had cleaned it up. With or without the help of professionals, staging your home, could determine how much you get for it and how long it takes to sell.

Staging refers to creating a look that enables a potential buyer to see your home as it might look as a model home. Be sure to put away all family insignia as well as give it a great clean and touch up anything you thing will help the house to look it’s best.

There are professionals out there that you can call if you do not wish to do it yourself, they will give you advice on staging your home.

Begin by getting a better idea of what you’re trying to create. Look at interior design magazine and research. Checking out furniture stores is a great idea as they are free to go and look at and the different types of furniture are on display to help you get a better idea. You can even browse them online.

It is important to notice what thew furniture groupings have left out as well as what they put in. When staging your furniture groups so not give-in to adding all of your home-comforts and personalizing the entire set-up. Use a storage place to keep additional items (be sure not to fill closets with extra things as they may need to be accessible for show).

De-cluttering as well as a professional clean will be needed. Remove all items that resemble your family so that the tour remains for the house alone. People can then picture their personal items around the house and how it would look. This will make cleaning easier and the rooms will also look bigger.

During your observations you may have seen things you want to add to the house. A vase full of flowers is great because it adds color. You might also look for inexpensive throw pillows or rugs or prints to replace family portraits on the walls.

You may have been waiting a long time to change the feel of the house and experts say that painting in neutral colors or replacing carpet is good for a face lift, so why no buy additions that you like then just take them with you when you leave.

Also consider staging outside your home. By adding some potted flowers and color to the deck and surrounding areas you can really make the front up.

Staging works best when you keep it nice and simple. Remove as much as you can and only add items that will really enhance your home’s appearance and help turn it into a place someone else wants to live.

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