Grasping Modern Sash Window Joinery Techniques Is Necessary

by Grazina Mazur on January 2, 2012

Learning modern sash window joinery methods is crucial for any carpenter wants to make wooden windows but at faster pace. Obviously, older methods are no longer used. These take too long. And in a day and age where speed is an issue, it is a necessity to find the fastest methods to use while maintaining a level of high quality and craftsmanship.

Investment into the education and new techniques is necessary for a carpenter to survive. If you neglect this education, your tasks we just take too long. When you’re in it because you love to do it and because it is you’re living, you must find good but quick ways to do the job right.

Sash windows in the past were originally designed as single hung. There were pegs or metal catches that would hold it in place when opened. They would find up and down in the groove. Then followed the double hung version which is still very popular and used today. The way they work is through hidden weights within the box.

The changes have taken place only in the way they are placed on the building. Long ago, the box was completely visible from the outside. These windows are what caused the fire of 1709 in London to spread so widely and so rapidly. Because of that, by laws were passed and these had to be recessed.

Whether you are interested in the history or not, modern techniques must be used as well as better materials. Using the older techniques will simply not stand up to the demands of homeowners these days. Even though they still want the look to bring back their homes into the original state, they would not be satisfied with the original version.

Many of these were replaced in the past with aluminum or even UPVC. Unfortunately, that wasn’t in keeping with the actual period of the structure. Many homeowners are realizing that and are looking to replace them accordingly. By doing so, not only will they beautify the home, they will also increase its value greatly.

But as a carpenter, you need to invest to gain this knowledge. And as you know more, your business will grow. However, it’s always important to be honest with you and your business and to try to do your best with regards to craftsmanship. Bringing the latest techniques and technology into the equation will end up getting your clients many benefits. For one thing, the job will be done much quicker, they can save on labor costs, and they have a good quality product on their hands.

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