Having A Buyer’s Agent On Your Side

by Perry Gouche on March 28, 2012

Real estate specialists are becoming a major force in the real estate business. Now that there is a greater need for representation, many individuals have turned themselves into real estate specialists in order to cater to the growing demand for knowledgeable people in the business. It is the specialist’s job to oversee the whole business of acquiring a property, you can count on them to remain detached as the sale is going on because he is looking out for only one party.

Traditionally, a single Realtor was responsible for representing both the buyer and the seller and for protecting both their interests. But with time, real estate has become a very complicated business with each party needing someone to see to their individual needs. Buyers have some very particular needs, and specifically the need to feel that their best interests are seen to. It is the responsibility of the listing agent to see that the homeowners are well represented in the transaction and that their needs are met as well. In this kind of situation, it is quite hard to believe that the agent would be able to see to the buyer’s need as well.

So then, what is the function of a buyer’s agent? Initially, he scouts around for some possible properties that would suit his client. While searching the market, he must keep in mind that the property should meet the demands of his client. Next thing to do would be to arrange for the client to view the listings, run down the possibilities with them and lend his opinion on which property would suit the client best. This decision for the most part relies on how well the buyer’s agent knows the community and the real estate business. Being experts in their chosen locality, it is now up to them to ensure that their client is properly instructed regarding the property they are eyeing. Once a property is decided upon, the buyer’s agent changes significantly, evolving into an overseer-negotiator role. They will typically coordinate the inspections and conduct the negotiations with the listing agent. This includes the execution of the buyer’s subjects and the closing of the actual contract.

It takes talent to enter into this kind of profession. Buyer’s agents play an essential role in this industry, where their main job is to represent the buyer’s needs and interest.

If you are in the market for a home then the buyer’s agent is the friend that you need to make sure that you are given the service that you deserve.

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