Help for home buyer’s

by Steve Vaughan on May 3, 2012

Announcing it’s New Buy Guarantee last month, the government has pledged simpler access to 95% mortgages on new builds in a move intended to help 100,000 prospective buyers get onto the ladder. The guarantee reduces the deposit normally required on a new build property by around 15%. All those set to benefit from the scheme will see the necessary deposit for a 200,000 property fall from 40,000 to just 10,000

With the slash in deposits, this means that buyers will hopefully be a little more flexible with their extra funds. With some developers choosing not to include a fitted kitchen option to keep expenses low or alternatively offering lower quality kitchens, the savings to be had on deposits can be used towards a great value designer kitchen with Kitchens DIY.

At Kitchens DIY there’s a wide range of products to select from for a dream kitchen which you prefer, all manufactured in the UK and designed to order. For new property owners looking for a simple, yet stylish look with out going beyond the budget, these products from Kitchens DIY are worth considering, as there are a fantastic range of DIY kitchen cupboard wall units all available for under 200. Additionally, using the extra funds saved from the New Buy Guarantee Scheme, the recent addition of DIY worktops and DIY sinks would be an excellent option to complete the look of your DIY kitchen.

New homeowners wanting a designer kitchen can turn to the kitchen Build-it-yourself planner, which makes it possible for a kitchen design to be mocked up in 3D, allowing the home owner to experiment with different styles, colours and amount of units to find the look they desire. The Kitchens DIY team will then send the design to the homeowner in full colour via email for consideration.

The main benefit of Kitchens DIY is that you’re given the option to choose a stylish new fitted kitchen as well as organize the installation independently, ensuring you the most acceptable installation estimate for your budget. This is an ideal option particularly as it provides first-time buyers on a tight budget the opportunity to shop around.

Government help forhousepurchasekitchen design take a look at our website for more infromation. Also published at Help for home buyer’s.

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