How Sash Window Restoration Can Enhance The Sale Value Of Your Home

by Jacob Phillips on December 1, 2011

When buyers inspect a potential new home, they tend to hunt out what is wrong. One of the first things they look at are the windows. Buyers want to see they work easily, do not rattle and are safe. By restoring your sashes properly is how sash window restoration can increase the sale value of your property immediately.

Sash windows do not open out, they slide up or down on rails in the frame. They have no hinges to rust or stick, and on windy days, windows can be left open without swinging and banging, so the risk of broken glass is removed.

Traditional sash windows have timber joinery, and are common in older style villas with large verandas. There are no frames swinging out just waiting to hit someone on the veranda. Instead their unique counter weight and pulley systems allow them to easily slide up and down on their runners. They are simple and safe to use.

The amount of opening can be easily controlled. These windows stay open where you open them. This allows fresh air to flow inside even on windy or wet days. Fully opened airflow on hot days helps keep the house comfortable to live in.

Upstairs, a conventional window may be swung right out meaning someone has to lean out the open frame to get it closed. With sashes, all one does is pull the frame down or push it up. The counterbalance ensures this is light work.

when it comes time to sell the property, having correctly functioning good looking windows can increase value and speed up sale. But it is important that restoration is done professionally to yield the best results. This is why many people use a tradesman to do this work. Then they can be assured of good quality safe windows.

Sash windows are interesting. Once people see how easy they are to open and close and feel the fresh air flow inside, the house somehow feels more inviting. The simplicity of sashes with no need for lots of window hardware creates clean lines and are visually pleasing. Painted, oiled or stained, well maintained frames add to street appeal.

These windows look good, provide excellent air flow and are easier and safer to use than conventional windows. But to ensure a great result when refurbishing, it is important to hand the job to a qualified experienced installer. By doing this provides an inkling to how sash window restoration can increase the sale value of your property quickly.

Prior to offering your residence up for sale, consult with a business that restores sash windows London area to spruce up the look and operation. Completion of sash window repairs is likely to bring a better price when you sell.

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