How To Change A Broken Cord On A Sash Window- What You Need To Know

by Nathan Madeley on December 31, 2011

Here is how to change a broken cord on a sash window. It is not a tough as it might sound. With some household tools and an excursion to the store, the broken window can be back in business in no time at all. This project should take about as much time as a television program, and the outcome will last a lot longer.

To begin the project, first evaluate that the proper tools and materials are in hand. Start with a utility knife, a hammer, flat bar and a screwdriver. If anything is missing, make sure to pick the tools up at the hardware store when picking up the new sash cord. The new cord should be quarter inch cotton or nylon. Cotton works better due to it stretching less, however, nylon will work in a crunch.

Begin by separating the interior stop from the frame using the utility knife. Slicing the paint will allow the stop to come out cleanly without breaking. Taking the flat bar and hammer, tap the flat bar behind the interior stop and slowly remove it, being careful not to damage the frame or the interior stop. We will be reusing the stop, so we want to preserve it as best as possible.

After the interior stops have been taken out, the metal tracks need to come out. These are the tracks the direct the sash up and down. Using a screw driver, take out the screws holding in the metal track. After the track has been removed, the sash should be able to be removed. By attaching a string to the sash cord that is attached to the weight inside the window well, the new sash cord can be drawn over the pulley.

Inside the casing will be pocket coverings over the weight well. Remove the pocket cover using the screw driver. Take out the weight and old sash cord. Attach the new cord and using the string we placed earlier, pull the new cord over the pulley. At this point, it will be well worth the time to replace both cords, even if only one is broken.

Reattach the new sash cords to the sash. Replace the sash in its place. Put back the metal track in place. Put back the interior stops using the hammer and some small nails or brads.

Voila! The window should work as if new after replacing the sash cords. Move the window up and down to make sure all is working properly. Now you can tell others how to change a broken cord on a sash window.

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