How To Choose A Mortgage Loan Faq

by Sandy King on February 19, 2012

When borrowers consider taking out a mortgage loan, they have to take several factors into account. Among the factors to pay special attention to are prepayment limitations, payment frequency and payment amount, the mortgage term, and the interest rate offered. Many financial establishments offer fixed-rate and variable-rate mortgages, and the interest rate differs depending on a number of factors. Variable interest rates may change at predefined periods of time. Persons who want to find the best mortgage loans may find it overwhelming at times because there are so many types of mortgage loans.

Mortgage loans are offered with a maximum term which is the time within which an amortizing loan has to be repaid in full. Depending on the home loans offered, the outstanding balance has to be repaid in full at a certain date. Other mortgage loans have no or negative amortization. Regarding payment frequency and the amount to be repaid, borrowers may be allowed to decrease or increase the monthly amount, meaning that they can change the loan’s term in some cases. Some financial establishments limit or restrict prepayment of the full amount or a portion of the loan. Some lenders impose penalties for prepayment.

Keeping these in mind, these is a variety of mortgages to choose from. In Canada, financial establishments offer multiple term mortgages, pre-approved mortgages, conventional mortgages, equity mortgages, and others. Persons who apply for a pre-approved mortgage know what amount of money they can afford to borrow before they sign the purchase offer. This is based on their credit rating and qualification. Another type of mortgage loan is the conventional mortgage, offered in the form of a loan of up to 75 percent of the property’s purchase price. The 6 month convertible mortgage is another variety and a preferred option of borrowers who feel interest rates will be going down or are in fact going down. Mortgages of this type are offered with fixed monthly payments during the first six months, and then they become fully open.

The borrower may decide to transfer it to another financial institution or renew the mortgage with the current lender. Mortgages of this type are offered by many financial institutions, but the terms and conditions vary from one to the next. Another type of mortgage loan to look into is the multiple term mortgage, and it is a good option for borrowers who want to get a mortgage with a long term and a lower rate of interest. The mortgage loan can be divided into up to five parts, and each of them has different interest rates, terms, and amortizations.

Only one monthly payment will be due, and a major benefit is that the borrower is spreading the risk. Another type is the all-inclusive mortgage, and all fees are included in the total amount, such as land transfer tax, solicitor’s legal fees, registration of deed and mortgage, title insurance, and others. These are only some of the mortgage types to look into. Other types include bridge financing, equity mortgages, fixed term mortgages, closed mortgages, etc.

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