How To Effectively Identify Private Money Lenders For Real Estate Deals

by Travis Bontrager on February 19, 2012

Are a lot of you guys out there trying to find money, private money for your rehabs or your fix and flips, or even getting cash flowing rental properties under contract and purchase for your portfolio? Well let me ask you this. With the stock market the way it is right now, don’t you think that there is a great opportunity for us real estate investors to provide a really good investment opportunity for people who are already loaning money to real estate investors.

Answer me this, in our current economic situation do you believe we as real estate investors have a good chance at giving a great investment proposal to those individuals who are currently funding investors and their businesses? What I’m trying to say is that you have an abundance of private lenders right there in your own area.

I also want you to know that there are also companies that specialize in investment mortgages that want to hide from you the fact that private money lenders are available to help finance your business. These companies, hard money rehab loan lenders will not share this information with you because they want you to work within their loan criteria which will end up costing you much more money than if you worked with a private money lender.

This note is secured by a deed of trust and promissory note ususally depending on the state you are living in. With private lenders you are paying much higher interest rates compared to what the lender would have been receiving in other invevestments. The selling point to you which will attract private money lenders is the fact that they are financing a real estate property, that’s the collateral. To explain a little, this is considered a first lien position. There is a promissory note that outlines the loans terms and conditions to both parties.

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