How To Inspect Windows In Your Prospective Home

by Richard Horowitz on December 2, 2011

Love at first sight happens not only to lovestruck males and females, but also to people of all genders espying a home they would love to purchase. Do so at your own risk. While the overall appearance of a home is important, the quality is in the details.


You would need a checklist of sorts at your disposal if, in any event you plan to buy your own home. You may have to hearken back to one popular line from your youth – eyes are the window to a person’s soul. Your windows can be the eye to the soul of your home, so be sure to keep the following in mind:

First of all, you have to make sure that the windows are able to close and open. You want windows that slide with little difficulty and the minimum of noise. Cheap (as opposed to inexpensive) windows grind and/or stick when being moved. If any window will not open or close at all, careful attention needs to be paid to why. Is it the quality of the window or has the house started moving because of foundation problems? Ascertain the reason behind such inconsistencies.

Next thing to check would be whether the sills at the window’s base are soft or squishy in any way. To be sure about this, you would want to gingerly run your hand against the sills to find out whether they are soft or not, although a telltale sign would usually be a rotting appearance to the sills. And if you indeed find the sills to be mushy, then it might be time to call in the cavalry. If the sills feel squishy or gooshy, then that is an indicator of water penetration. More importantly, it also means the problem has existed for some time. Another auxiliary result of water penetration would be mold – and you do not want to expend a lot on getting rid of mold. Emphatically request that the seller pays for an inspection if this is the case. And if the seller shakes his/her head no, then take your business elsewhere.

Water stains are the final window item to check for during your viewing. Just because the sills are not soft, doesn’t mean there isn’t a leakage problem. There would definitely be a water issue if you notice stains around the window frame. Look for rooms that have not been painted when making your inspection. Put on your “game face” and ask of the seller that they state on the sales agreement that before they repainted the house, there were no water stains present.

Windows are indeed the soul of a home – so pay attention to their “purity” before buying property. Giving them a good “once over” should tell you a lot about the house you are considering.

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