Judging Sash Window Refurbishment Or Replacement Which Option Is The Best Selection

by Nathan Madeley on March 16, 2012

Sash window refurbishment or replacement which option is the best is often a question with which owners of older homes are faced. This type of glass adds character to a home and often add an extra beauty to its all over appearance. However, sometimes problems do develop in this area. When it is noticed that something is wrong it is important to contact someone who is familiar with this kind of unit.

There are a number of conditions that these units can face as they grow older. Those would include such things as unbalanced sashes, broken glass, loose joints, sashes painted shut and others. These are not always fatal flaws, however, if a person who is experienced in refurbishment is contacted. This person would know, immediately, what is wrong with the unit and what corrections need to be made.

When making a choice, it must be remembered that refurbishment is very less expensive than renewal of a sash window. In addition, this usually means that the frame must be replaced as well, to fit the new unit. Besides being cost effective, there is usually a look to the old glass that cannot be replaced with the newer models.

Replacement of these units also has its advantages. Using today’s energy efficient glass assures the homeowner that energy bills will be lowered. In addition, keeping the bad weather out and the heat, or air conditioning, inside will result in much more comfort for the inhabitants. This is very noticeable in the heat of summer or the dead of winter.

Sometimes there is so much wrong with the unit that it is not practical to try to refurbish it. Things such as glazing falling out and the sash coming apart are an indication that a complete replacement is necessary. Wood rotting around the edge would indicate the frame is bad, as well, and in many cases it is easier to have a complete unit, window and frame, to place in the opening.

People with this type of unit should be on the lookout for water leaks. This is one of the first indication that there is a serious problem. They can be caused by a number of things such as a glazing problem, glass damage, warping or the wood rotting.

Making a determination of sash window refurbishment or replacement which option is the best may require the assistance of an expert in the matter. They will be able to quickly access the situation and advise which is the most practical approach. They will also be able to present an estimate of the cost of the project.

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