Lake County & Mendocino: California At Its Best

by Andrew Goodwin on March 27, 2012

Culture and Adventure in Mendocino County

Great Adventure and Culture Mendocino County is just north of San Francisco and can be accessed by Highway 101 or what is considered to be the scenic route, Highway 1. This county begins at the Pacific coast and continues east into lands replete with lakes and rivers and beautiful forests. It also provides ample opportunity for hunting and fishing. Currently, there are approximately 520 Mendocino County foreclosures as reported by, a foreclosure listings website. This means that there is significant opportunity for potential homeowners to locate and buy bank-owned homes in this part of California.

Almost all communities here are home to alternative schools as well as high schools like Willits, Covelo, and Laytonville. According to the 2010 census the populations sits at around 87,841 with the average income for households being $43,759. Mendocino County is made up of 3,506 square miles and the density of population is 25 citizens per square mile. Area agriculture consists of walnuts, alfalfa hay, vetch and grapes that are used to create the delicious wines made in this area. Some of the tourist attractions here are the Russian River, incredible beaches, and Redwood trees. Many artists live in Mendocino as well as Fort Bragg which also bring in visitors. Items created by these artisans are cast stone, jewelry and candles among others.

Is Your Dream Home Waiting For You In Lake County?

The county seat of Lake County is Lakeport, located next to Clear Lake, the largest natural lake in California. The county was created in 1861 with land from Mendocino and Napa counties. According to the 2010 census, the county population is 64,665, with a population density of 51 per square mile. The land area is 1,258 square miles and the water area almost 72 square miles. Based on data provided by (a foreclosure listings website), Lake County foreclosures totaled 879 as of the date this article was written. That leaves a number of different styles of homes available for potential homeowners interested in the purchase of one of these bank-owned homes in California.

Those home buyers who wish to buy in the area can enjoy the pristine beauty of Clear Lake for fishing, boating, picnicking and more. Lakeport has hot springs to relax in and you can also tour a winery, or spend time at any of the several free concerts that the county offers. Pears, wine grapes and walnuts are just a few of the numerous crops that are cultivated here. Mendocino College Lake Center is a community college which offers residents the chance to pursue further education.

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