Lease To Own Homes A Simple Solution!

by Judy Green on February 13, 2012

Are you tired of making monthly rental payments?

Think of all the money you’ve wasted in rent over the last few years. What do you have to show for it?

For many people homeownership may seem to be an impossible dream. Saving enough money for a down payment while paying rent or trying to secure a mortgage with a low paying job or bad credit history, are only a few of the obstacles that make buying a home seem so difficult.

How great would it be if these monthly payments could have gone toward the purchase price of your new home?

I am very pleased to share with you that now they can! Yep you can realize your dreams with a lease option to buy homes program. By simply using a “Lease Option Homes” Program you are able to rent to own properties while at the same time building equity towards the sale price that is set the day you sign the “Lease Option” contract or agreement.

This way, you enjoy the pricing and value of ownership today even though you won’t finally have purchased the home until later. Plus, you also know that the work you do in the home will not be wasted when the lease is over.

Best of all, through this program, while you’re living in your home of the future, you’re also building equity, improving your credit, and putting yourself in a position where home ownership is not only possible, but easy.

Regardless of whether you are repairing or rebuilding your existing credit or establishing new credit score! These programs make homeownership a real possibility for anybody who has something financially to work with.

If you think that you are ready to move forward and buy the home of your dreams, but your credit or savings isn’t quite as ready yet, a lease with option to buy which is often referred to as a “lease option” or, somewhat inaccurately, “rent to own” may be just what you need to help you move in.

Lease options, in which you lease (rent) a house and have the option to buy the property at the end of the lease term, which allows you full control of a home that you want regardless of the fact that you don’t have enough saved money for a down payment quite yet.

A lease option program may also be very benificial if you simply need more time to improve your credit before you can get a mortgage and a decent mortgage rate.

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