Looking to Find Foreclosures in Southern California

by Beth Jasaren on April 16, 2012

The Inland Empire called San Bernardino County

San Bernardino is among the largest counties in the state of California and that may even include the United States. San Bernardino is the county seat, and is located in the southern area of the state. The area that makes up this county takes in 20,105 square miles, and the population as of the 2010 census was 2,035.

San Bernardino is made up of valleys, mountains and a large area of dessert with the San Bernardino National Forest and Big Bear Lake taking up a large portion of the county. It is also home to Snow Summit, Joshua Tree National Park, Bear Mountain and Zzyzx.

Aside from the fact that San Bernardino County has lots of nice places that will surely interest people to visit, this county is also a good place to secure properties. In fact, there is only 1 bank-owned home left at the moment. San Bernardino County foreclosures are sparse but that’s hardly a disadvantage. That only proves that San Bernardino is indeed a great place to live in!

Benefits of Affordable Housing in Riverside County

Riverside county is one of the rapidly growing Southern California counties. It is just 60 miles from Los Angeles which makes it ideal for employees in that city to locate. This is partially responsible for the huge change that has been seen in the size of this county’s population. Riverside County went from a population of 1,871,950 in 2004 to one of 2,189,641 in 2010.

Before the recent issues with the economy, many people decided to buy homes counties like Riverside, because they could get more for real estate for their dollar. However, with the decline in the economy, many have not been able to keep their homes and this has resulted in many bank-owned homes in California. According to the real estate website, RealtyStore.com, there are currently 21,875 Riverside County foreclosures. That makes it the second highest county for foreclosures in the state.

Bearing this in mind, people looking to buy Riverside County foreclosures will have a number of options to choose from. Being the large county that it is, encompassing more than 7,000 square miles, most of that land is desert, but one must remember that much of that area has a Mediterranean style temperature. The land is beautiful with much of it close by a number of landmarks unique to Southern California with numerous beaches. All of this makes it an ideal location for sun lovers.

If you are interested in further information on buying bank-owned homes, check out the following article on foreclosure buying – this article presents many excellent tips for finding cheap homes and also offers amazing descriptions of the various foreclosure types.

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