Low Interest Visa Cards: A Thing of the Past?

by David Matt on March 30, 2012

With rates rising, low or zero percent visa cards may soon become an outdated thing. But the wise buyer can still secure a low rate by scrupulously window shopping. Here are some tactics you continue to get a bargain rate card:

Contact Your Current Supplier. Chances are the interest rate with your present card supplier has been crawling up for the best part of the past year. Whereas formerly you could have had a 5% rate, the card may now be up to 8, 9, or perhaps 10%. What can you do? Contact your Visa card supplier and ask for a lower rate. They can tell you no, at the risk of you going somewhere else, or give you a fixed lower rate.

If your provider will not move, see if they would consider a decreased rate for a specific period of time, let's imagine for six or 12 months. The extra savings of the non permanent lower rate can be beneficial particularly if you have a big purchase coming up that you plan on paying off within 6 to 12 months.

Research. Like most Americans, you probably are receiving solicitations in the mail for credit cards. If that's the case, find the plan that works the best for you and apply. Usually, a low introductory rate is offered as well as balance transfer options. If the card has no annual fees and no extra charges are considered for transferring funds, go with the new company especially if the rate is lower.

Consolidate Liabilities. If your present credit card provider won't lower their rate and the new card corporation's rate isn’t quite as low as you were expecting, consider obtaining a consolidation advance through a lending establishment. To get the lowest rate possible you could have to supply up something as security, for example, the equity in your home, to get the lowest rate. Do this only if you have satisfactory equity and can moderately expect to pay the loan or line of credit off. The Fed Reserve Bank has raised rates ten times since June 2004. Still, lending institutions are supplying lower rate credit cards and loans. As a educated consumer you can find the most acceptable deals out there.

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