New And Modern Sash Window Joinery Methods And Trends

by Damian Hounslow on January 25, 2012

Joinery is the method used in connecting separate pieces of wood. Knowing this process is a necessity especially among wood workers. Without this technique, we would have to create sash window frames by carving a piece of wood. This method makes it possible to combine slabs of wood in an aesthetically appealing way. This article discusses your options when it comes to modern sash window joinery methods.

Traditional methods of joining do not require the use of metal fasteners or adhesives. Today, the most commonly used methods require some sort of fastener to hold wood together. Basic butt joints and mitered butt joints, for instance, rely on glue or nails for strength. However, if you are working with window frames, the best ones to use are mortise and tenon joints. You can also use pocket joints or biscuits as an alternative.

Mortisers are used for cutting precise and uniform holes into wood. These holes were formerly cut using hand tools. With a mortiser, carpenters are able to cut wood accurately. Hollow-chisel mortisers function by drilling a hole at a pre-set depth that is deep enough to hold the tenon. Drill presses are also a must when you are working with wood. If you own a drill press you can look for a mortiser attachment as an alternative.

Pocket hole jigs allow carpenters to work with pocket joints with better ease. This tool allows carpenters to drill uniform holes for pocket joints. It works by clamping onto the head board, while it drills through the head board, joinery machines make it possible to process wood effortlessly.

Joinery machines are all-in-one contraptions that measure and cut wood. It takes these menial tasks off the woodworkers hands by automating them. They are very versatile and are totally customizable to respond to construction needs. It is capable of handling wood work for any type of project other than sash windows.

Robots are compact versions of joining machines. They have the same functionalities, except that the robot is more compact and less expensive. They offer the same precision and versatility. These are perfect for small business owners or wood workers who want the modern conveniences of joining machines at a lower cost.

Software programs let you design, manage and plan your project with minimal effort. Templates make it easier to create new wood work without starting from scratch. It also calculates measurement values, which means you get accurately measured pieces all the time. It provides images that help woodworkers visualize the project.

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