New Hampshire FHA Loans: Understanding The Program

by Kevin Barry on March 9, 2012

Why use the FHA loan program?

Many factors are available to consider utilizing a New Hampshire FHA loan, although credit seekers have alternatives outside of the New Hampshire FHA loans application, such as personal and traditional loans. Why would someone be interested in an FHA mortgage over other programs? What does the FHA offer citizens of New Hampshire that personal mortgages do not?

What are New Hampshire FHA loans?

FHA loans provide qualified applicants for New Hampshire FHA loans with far more options than traditional loans, including short sales or foreclosures under specific circumstances. In addition, borrowers can purchase, homes forup to four families, a condominium or a manufactured home that are situated on a permanent foundation.

Are there specific earning requirements to qualify for New Hampshire FHA loans?

While NH FHA loans have restrictions on minimum earnings, these programs do notrestrict borrowers on the basis of maximum earnings. However, some particular applications of the loan, such as down payment buy-down or house maintenance/remodel financing, may have maximum earnings restrictions, so be careful to investigate specifics before choosing a home loan program, whether or not through the FHA program.

Who should choose New Hampshire FHA loans?

Borrowers concerned about credit ratings should inquire about the viability of qualifying throughNH FHA. In an FHA loan, the government guarantees the property mortgage to the lending company, so that the lending company can be assured the mortgage will not go into permanent default or foreclosure. In addition, FHA loans have smaller down payment requirements for borrowers, making these loans attractive to low income mortgage seekers that may be unable to qualify for traditional loan options.

Options for using a New Hampshire FHA Home loancan include money gifts from family or house maintenance financing for older residences, which are often not possible with traditional home loans. Keep in mind, however, that while the government assures the mortgage, it does not set the interest rate or particular down transaction demands. These differ between mortgage companies, as well as levels of customer service and other FHA mortgage alternatives. Borrowers should always be aware of the terms of their loans.

Job loss or sickness can affect the outcome of a loan. In addition, natural disaster relief is often not covered by a loan. However, in working with New Hampshire FHA loans, borrowers can rest assured that the FHA has guaranteed the loan, and is far more willing to work with borrowers on these issues than let the loan go into foreclosure.

Additional Options for New Hampshire FHA Loans

FHA loans offer far more than good interest rates and simpler qualification procedures. In addition to these, borrowers can take part in programs that make borrowing and home ownership easier and achievable. For example, the Energy Efficiency Program helps home owners purchase energy-saving appliances, windows, and air conditioning. AmeriDream, Partners in Charity, Family Home Providers and Newsonggrants are available for down payments as well; ask your lender for more information. Cash-out refinancing offers those seeking cash payments the chance to use equity and other mortgage monies for education loans or updates to their home. New Hampshire FHA loans also take into account the stage of a person?s life during the qualification process, such as repayment of institution loans, job losses or serious sickness that may affect the ability to repay the mortgage.

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