Poor Credit Record Cannot Stop You from Applying for a Mortgage

by Louis Bentley on April 1, 2012

One major component that causes it to be difficult for the consumer to have a mortgage with fair terms is bad credit history. However, there are still actions that could be taken to fix a bad credit status.

Reasons for poor credit ranking

Consumers should become aware of what causes bad credit rating. This can be the first step that they need to do. The most common and serious factor that causes poor credit is late payments on loans like home mortgages, credit cards and loans from banks. Many young people who used credit cards have been shocked that future loans have been denied due to overdue repayments.

There is also a possibility that a low credit score may result even though debts are paid punctually. This occurs due to errors created in the recording of most repayments. It’s important therefore that the consumer should have a detailed record of his complete payments so that you can correct errors contributing to low results.

One more factor that can cause low credit scores is unstable earnings or variable revenue stream. This might vary for any certain time frame and financial facilities are thinking about these kinds of consumers as high risk. Furthermore, financial institutions have excellent worries in the capacity of such consumers to repay their financial obligations.

Applying for Mortgage

There are two factors that affect interest rates on loans. First is the market condition and second is the danger involved with granting loans to consumers as recognized by the lenders. Usually the interest levels charged to consumers with a bad credit score are high because lenders wish to lessen or recover their particular decrease in case of default.

Apart from higher rates of interest, other constraints might be imposed on consumers with bad credit. The debtors aren’t allowed to refinance their lending options within certain duration. This particular restriction prevents them to take advantage of the lowering of interest via refinancing. Instead, the individuals need to pay more for the whole term of their loans.

The worst thing that can happen to consumers is to be discarded completely caused by poor credit score. When lenders see that debtors have been denied on their previous applications due to bad status, they believe that these individuals are labeled high risk and therefore turn down your finance applications.

Improving Your Credit Score

The first thing to enhance your credit score is to pay your bills on or before the deadline. Then end all credit cards that you’re no longer using to get better revenue vs. debt ratio. Another step would be to pay all of your debts but guarantee that all these data are recorded in your score. To register as a voter with your present address in it may also help in enhancing your score because this detail informs the financial institution that they know where to find you for any issues on your loan.

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