Rio De Janeiro Has Some Of The Best Real Estate Property In Ipanema And Copacabana

by Geysiane Barreiros on April 2, 2012

Brazilians label Rio the Marvellous City and you can see their position; if you disregard for just a moment the poverty, the congestion and the transgression, then Rio de Janeiro is probably the most spectacular places you’re ever likely to observe. Or at best it certainly was before all the high-rise rio apartment flats went up hindering the views. Everywhere you look there exists a beach or a lagoon and at the rear of all the apartment properties are exotic mountains, like enormous mole hills.

Look a tad closer at these exotic mountains though and you’ll see the favelas, makeshit cement construction constructed by the slum dwellers. Nobody else constructed on the hillsides as it was considered not very safe to put real estate property. It’s not uncommon for many hundreds of Brazilians in the favelas to perish during landslides nevertheless for the time being it means that, for once, the poor get what may now be regarded prime rio de janeiro real estate property with ocean views.

The favelas are the first indication to understanding that Rio de Janeiro is not just about females wearing dental floss bikinis on the beach. Whilst there’s plenty of that, Rio is also a city home to ten million individuals, the majority of whom don’t live within walking distance of a beach.

The possibilities are that if you happen to be visiting Rio de Janeiro for your holiday getaway then you definitely won’t see the major section of the city but will keep to the zona sul, the wealthier areas of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon. Here are all the hotels, luxurious penthouses for sale, apartment flats for rent, pricey real-estate and a great deal of Rio’s night life.

The most beautiful and jampacked beaches will also be in the south of Rio which are positioned about the neighborhoods of Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon and out to Barra de Tijuca. The beaches join up like a jigsaw pattern and it is easy to get confused. But subsequently all the visitor needs to do is look up at Christ the Redemptor many hundreds of meters above Rio and discover his bearings.

Take advantage of a low cost vacation utilizing rent apartment rio de janeiro. There is a lot of real estate copacabana alternatives to choose from for both budget or luxury oriented sightseers.

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