Sash Window Refurbishment Or Replacement: Some Tips To Consider

by Malcolm Stephenson on January 1, 2012

Sash windows have been around since the turn of the 18th century. However, they are not exactly the most popular option when building a new house. Sash windows are notoriously drafty and difficult to maneuver. Though, most people choose to retain them because of their charm and extensive architectural history. Some would leave them untouched to preserve the original architectural style of their home. When it comes to sash window refurbishment or replacement, which option is the best?

Refurbishment may be a better option if your frame seems to be in good shape, but the sashes are not. Then again, this may not be a smart idea when the whole window is severely damaged or requires major repair work. In this case, it may be better to remove the window frame as well. It is easy to do this yourself, as replacement kits are easily bought in home repair stores.

Weatherproofing is another option that would work if leaks and drafts are a major concern. These screens can match the performance and efficiency of more expensive double-pane types, as long as you choose durable storm glass screens. Make sure they are correctly weather-proofed as well.

Before you attempt any repair, it is important to understand the mechanism behind these types of screens. They make use of a simple wooden or metal frame so they can be easily attached to frame casements. Some types may be composed of smaller frames within a larger frame. A standard pane or screen makes use of clear glass, while some may utilize stained or colored glass.

These screens are normally composed of a lower and upper parts. Both of these are held in place by a set of runners, which also enable the other sash to be moved up and down. In the older days, this mechanism was made possible by a set of ropes instead of metal tracks.

The first step is to take out the stops. Using a utility knife, remove the screen stops carefully. A pry bar is more efficient when breaking out the parting stops. Check if your window has a pulley. In this case, the rope must be cut first. Take out the upper part of the window, and the weights or pulleys if applicable.

Take out the metal brackets that came with the sash replacement kit and attach them to both sides of the window. Slide the replacement part stops into the track and seal the end of the jamb with foam gaskets. Place the new stop-strip and lock the metal clutches in place with a screwdriver.

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