Sash Window Refurbishment Or Replacement, Which Option Is The Best?

by Damian Hounslow on January 26, 2012

When considering sash window refurbishment or replacement, which option is the best depends on your particular circumstances. In recent years, many people want to preserve the original beauty of their homes. They do this because the look and feel of the property is greatly enhanced. But also because it significantly increases the value of their home if they want to sell it later on.

One of the best ways to improve the look of the outside of any house is by adding sash windows. These do not necessarily have to be the traditional Georgian style openings with small, square panes. New styles and designs are available and increasing research in the business means that many types of glass are available.

If they are already there, then a new buyer can decide whether they can remain as they are, or whether they should be fixed or altered. It is also good to examine them for wear every few years to make sure that they keep their beautiful characteristics for many years to come.

It might be surprising to find that there is not that much damage, even in older houses. Good quality hard wood frames which have been kept weather proof and well painted can last for hundreds of years. In a case like this, it would only be necessary to sand them and repaint them. They can be any colour you choose to bring out your own taste and personal style.

But, if they have weathered badly and have become rotten, then it is advisable to bring in a professional contractor to examine what needs to be done. It is possible that they do not need to be totally replaced. If there is only a small section which has become exposed to the rain, then this could be carefully cut out of the frame and replaced by another piece. After the repair, no-one would even know that anything had been done.

It is not only the frame and timber which can become worn. The cords and pulley system by which they are opened can also be frayed with use. This must also be looked at to see if it is still working as it should. If it is sticking on opening, then it could be that the frames have taken in too much water and need to be sanded or replaced.

It is really dependant on the skill of the tradesman that you call as to whether they feel that they can repair a frame or totally replace it. It is therefore extremely important to recruit someone who has the relevant experience to give some good advice.

If you appreciate the ambiance and look of traditional window openings, you can search sash windows London area. Choose a sash window company with workers who have the knowledge and experience to install or repair windows.

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