Sash Window Renovation Or Replacement Which Choice Is Preferable:

by Andrew Brentford on March 5, 2012

As Jane Austen’s novels are made into films and screened world wide sash windows play their parts in defining the elegance of the buildings that graced her era. Behind them gentlemen and ladies interact as people do. By night they are covered by gilded curtains and by day they are open to let in the fragrances of English gardens. Sash window refurbishment or replacement which option is the best:

Most people of the baby boomer generation have different experiences with sash windows. A mother walks into a room and sees through a window that her child is in the garden pulling with both hands at the hair of the neighbour’s child. She rushes to the window and tries to lift it. It jams. She gesticulates and mouths words, with raised eyebrows and frantic expressions. On the other side of the panes the mayhem continues.

At the height of the industrial era impressive public buildings were erected. Government offices, schools and hospitals had massive facades interspersed with rows of sash windows to let in the light and decorate what would otherwise be blank walls.

The interiors of these buildings may present another aspect of the sash window. The cords that hold weights to balance the frames and help them slide are often perished or hanging suspiciously. Wooden slides are swollen or congested by dirt and flaking paint. Frames that refuse to budge up or down seem so heavy that they take would take on the nature of a dangerous object if they were to move. In many cases empty tins, blackboard dusters or toilet rolls are used to prop them open and allow for some ingress of air.

Inevitably the question arises of whether to refurbish old windows or replace them with new ones. Broad expanses of bullet proof or one way glass are now available and they may be fixed in light weather proof aluminium frames. The problem is that such windows can destroy the character of a precious old building making it appear like a lady of advanced years wearing teenage trinkets.

However, older buildings were designed with sash windows as part of their character. They can still work well, circulating air through bottom and top apertures and providing opportunities for attractive curtaining.

The good news is that there are firms specializing in the restoration of windows to the elegant and effective frames that they were when first installed. After supplying a quote these firms will plane and grout the surrounds of windows, make them draught proof and scrape old paint away. Beading will be replaced. The windows will no longer rattle or jam. Instead they will fly open as easily as they appear to do in period films. The restored sash windows will retain the elegance and historic integrity of a building whilst working just as elegantly as they did when first installed.

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