Second Home Loan Scams That Borrowers Should Be Aware Of

by Maria Valenzuela on December 10, 2011

If you are applying for a second home mortgage and is a little doubtful if you are applying for a legal one, stop for awhile and it’s high time to correct your hunch. You don’t have to hurry things up even if you’re lender says so because this is your investment in the first place and you only want the one which is legal. Second mortgage scams are still prevalent and there have been a lot of borrowers who have fallen prey on its telltale promises. Ignorance is not an excuse especially when it comes to real estate so here are some common second mortgage scams that you need to know:

1. Loan Flipping Scam – If a lender is pressing you to take another loan after loan without any concern for your ability to pay for all them then you might in danger. Loan flipping happens this way and which is exactly the opposite of home equity loans. While home equity loans help you to have more cash in your pocket to pay for your children’s education, loan flipping is exactly the opposite. Loan-flipping scammers suggest you take another loan for a new car, a vacation, or a home improvement loan for your kitchen that you don’t really need. The key here is to observe if your lender is pressing you to go beyond your financial boundaries leaving you with nothing but repayments you can’t afford.

2. Abusive Loan Servicing – Mortgage servicing companies are the ones that have the rights to collect the payments once mortgage loans are originated and fraud frequently starts in this stage perhaps because they gain little from collecting payments. Generally, the trustees of the mortgage pay these companies a flat fee to manage the loan along with collecting payments and making sure taxes and insurance are paid properly. They also have the right to pursue foreclosure once a particular mortgage loan hasn’t been pain on time. Before the loan is closed, predatory lenders push homeowners into foreclosure in a variety of abusive ways like charging fees and extra interest, or even declaring a borrower’s credit payments late.

3. Deceptive Home Improvement Loan – Everybody wants to improve their Mount Juliet homes and although they don’t have the money to do, they can apply for a home improvement loan. In this case, homeowners who are applying for this type of loan should be aware that predatory lenders are waiting for them. For a home improvement loan to be deceptive, this scenario should take place – the lender pressing or even suggesting a homeowner to borrow more than what is needed for a home improvement. Some homeowners are naturally enticed by this type of loan, however, what they don’t anticipate is their difficulty in repaying the high monthly payments. Homeowners are advised to review estimates and references or interview several contractors before applying for a home improvement loan.

Remember to apply for a second mortgage only if you really need one. And while there are other second mortgage loan scams not mentioned, take the responsibility to educate yourself with the different second mortgage loan scams to avoid being victimized by unscrupulous second mortgage lenders. Prevention is better than paying unreasonably high monthly payments for an unnecessary home improvement loan.

Evaluate Stafford mortgage with the help of a government-certified housing counselor. Don’t be fooled by home loan scams or risk Real Estate Ogden Utah into foreclosure.

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