Seven Things You Need to Know To Get Your House Sold Fast

by Lance Mohr on February 23, 2012

In today’s competitive housing market, attracting qualified homebuyers is crucial to selling your home, quickly. For sellers who use these 7 tips to get your home sold in 30 days, the odds are increased, since you’ll be competing against many other homes for sale, in your particular market.

The important components of selling your home are: conditioning it for sale, pricing it competitively and marketing it effectively.

1. Preparing your property for showings requires you to take an honest approach towards finding the most adverse characteristics. Starting from the curb and working your way inside, helps you look at your home the way a potential buyer would see it. This means removing yourself from biased opinions as a seller and taking a look at overlooked items that will stand out to potential buyers. You’ll receive more than 5 times the amount of money you invest in these improvements and getting a buyer in the door, is half the battle. Landscaping, a few coats of paint and some good cleaning or de-cluttering may be in order.

2. You want your home to shine, when the perfectly-qualified home purchasers walk in the door. Begin preparing to move, as soon as you make the decision to put your home on the market. This means you should start boxing up trinkets and anything you don’t use on a daily basis. This helps to de-clutter, while preparing you for a quick sale and possession. Don’t forget to keep your pets out of sight, even if you need to board them with relatives, during the first month you try to sell your home.

3. A home stager may be exactly what your home needs, in order to sell quickly and for more money. You might pay $500 to $1000, but statistics indicate staged homes have a clear advantage over competitors.

4. Gaining the biggest advantage over your competitors may require the services of an expert real estate agent. They can help you price your home correctly, besides marketing your home to a wide audience. They can certainly help you learn about the marketplace, which is a crucial component of a fast sale. Talk to more than one, to gain a better understanding of the marketplace.

5. The best price range for your home is where you should price it, from the very beginning. You don’t want to freeze-out the most qualified buyers and with the Internet, there are plenty of places to search for comp sales statistics. Trulia or Zillow are a couple of examples, but a knowledgeable Realtor can help you compete.

6. Marketing strategies involve an online presence, in today’s marketplace. An agency’s online site may be part of their marketing strategy. Expert real estate professionals may have links to hundreds of relative Internet websites, which helps to sell your home quicker. When comparing listing agencies, be sure to compare their online presence.

7. Once you have prepared your home for showings and priced your home, marketing it expertly will lead to many buyers touring it. You should be prepared to show them all the great attributes of your home and strive to get a reasonable offer. Don’t make the mistake of failing to negotiate with pre-qualified buyers, if you hope to sell your home quickly. It may take some flexibility and perseverance to get your home sold, but if you use these 7 tips to get your home sold in 30 days, you’ll be moving before you have time to worry about it

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