Should You Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

by Paul Jones on February 7, 2012

Even though you are selling your property without a real estate agent, the expertise of a real estate professional remains needed at various measures in the home selling process. The requirement of a real estate attorney depends upon the laws where you live. Even if you live in a state where a real estate attorney is not needed, as a fsbo seller, it will always be beneficial for you to use one.

A true estate attorney can serve many purposes in the housing transaction. When you hire a legal professional that specialized in real estate property, that attorney is in charge of seeing that your best interests are met within the housing transaction. A real estate property attorney can become the escrow agent by holding down payments, documentation, and earnest money deposits. Not will, the attorney can help you decipher and evaluate complicated gives you might receive from the buyer. In the event that this lender’s attorney does not handle the closing, your property attorney will host and handle the closing. If the lender’s attorney does handle the closing, your real attorney will fully handle your case in the process.

Your primary concern is always to find a real estate attorney that may provide you with assistance you need in the housing transaction. You are able to use a local or internet directory to find the names of some attorneys in your area. Asking friends or family who have recently sold homes for references is the one other way that you can find legal counsel to assist you. If there are neighbors with “for sale” signs of their yards, you can casually inquire about the real estate attorney these are using. Hiring an attorney which comes as a reference can often be better than cold calling attorneys.

When you look for a real estate attorney to hire, you should choose one that works well primarily with property transactions. Avoid choosing a criminal or family law attorney that handles real-estate transaction on the side. Your interests will not be best served by an attorney that does not spend an essential part of his or her amount of time in real estate transactions. Certainly tend not to hire an attorney which includes never worked in actual estate.

Along with experience of real estate transactions, price could be the other factor you use to choose a real estate attorney. The attorney you hire could have two major responsibilities: reading and advising your self on documents and representing you at closing. Get an amount quote from prospective property attorneys on the above tasks. You can get a rebate from the attorney by letting him or her know that you may be preparing and submitting some of the documentation. Shop around among several real estate property attorneys to get a feel for experience level and price charged.

It is essential is that you have a realtor available to assist you through the transaction. Even if you have successfully sold a for sale by owner home before, it is far better to have legal assistance rather than to attempt to complete the procedure on your own.

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