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by Andrew Goodwin on March 26, 2012

Foreclosures in Bristol Bay Borough Alaska

There are sixteen boroughs in the big state of Alaska. One of these is Bristol Bay Borough which has an estimated area of 500 square miles and is slightly populated. The average income in the area is $52,167 each year which is more when compared to the median salary of the whole country which sits at $41,994.

One notable fact about the Bristol Bay Borough is that there are currently no foreclosures being processed (according to The low rate of foreclosures is a good sign: this means that people who live in the area have stable jobs and incomes and have put money aside for emergencies and funds to pay their mortgages.

This borough boasts three airports, two libraries and two separate school districts. Most of the inhabitants in Bristol Bay Borough are above the age of 25 (about 75%). A small percentage of those people are actively attending college. Another large portion of the population are degreed professionals with bachelor’s or higher certification levels.

Even with all these great attributes, Bristol Bay Borough is not listed as one of the fastest growing towns in the state of Alaska. This is because it is mostly remote with little to no public transportation. The workers in the region walk to their place of work which takes them about ten minutes. Automobiles are not popular here but it is easy to find one or two in a span of a moment.

The fishing and crabbing industries are very prosperous and provide residents with opportunities to make money.

Foreclosures In Lake and Peninsula Boroughs

The Lake and Peninsula boroughs list a total of 36 homes in foreclosure, according to the latest information from, the website featuring information on foreclosures by state and county. There are 13 communities in both Lake and Peninsula Boroughs, with an average income of just over $36,000 per person. The total population is 1,584 people and there are 23,781 sq. miles of area in both boroughs. This allows for a good selection among bank-owned houses due to the low density of the population.

Fishing and canning industries are big and successful in the borough as they have been for a hundred years. There are Native American tribes which have been affected by other European countries bordering them such as the Slavic and Russian populations. The Chignik Bay on the southern part of the state makes for a great selection of salmon for canning during the season.

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