Successful Advertising for a Successful Home-Sale

by Richard Horowitz on April 8, 2012

When it comes to selling your own home, there are a few hurdles to get over. If you find yourself at a loss, you can always seek the help of Real Estate Agents who will quickly supply you with all the information and expertise necessary. The most important things to learn are the paperwork and legalities that are required in order to sell a home, as well as how to market your own home in order to find buyers.

The first step is of course the ‘For Sale By Owner’ sign for your front yard. Such signs can be bought or ordered from either stationary stores or signage shops. Make sure you have a telephone number – preferably your mobile – on the sign so that passersby can reach you if you are not home.

What you need to do next is prepare your home for the viewing. This means cleaning it from top to bottom, clearing out all the clutter, and removing the more prominent personal items such as family photographs. It also means taking care of all those little repairs that you’ve been putting off and it may be worth your while arranging a house inspection and taking care of the major repairs before your buyer arranges a house inspection too.

In order to market your home well, you are going to need photographs – and lots of them. If you don’t want the additional expense of a professional photographer, try to remember the following when taking the photos:

Check where the sunlight falls on the outside of your home, and photograph each section of the house when the sun is shining on it. This way nothing of what makes your home more appealing will be obscured.

Clear your front yard of anything that doesn’t come with the house when you sell it, cars included.

The inside photos should focus on special details like a fireplace, for instance. And do not forget to photograph the bedrooms, the kitchens and the bathrooms, as they are equally of interest. All pictures inside the house should be taken with the lights on, no matter what time of day, so that you get clear images even if your camera flash isn’t adequate.

Make a collage of the pictures you have taken and use it to market your house. Once you have enough copies, you can begin their distribution all over town and to all your acquaintances. The success of your finding a buyer for your home greatly depends on the number of people that know about your intention of selling it. Every estate agency have their own data base of potential clients, which is what you will also need to have – sooner rather than later.

Surfing the internet you will find several pages where private home owners can advertise their house-sale. Not all websites are free; in the case of some you have to pay a small fee that will ensure your add publicized for a period of time. Since what you pay is what you get, you will have a better chance at selling if you place your add on a paid website. Again, make sure you upload as many photographs as you can with each online listing. You can also make use of your local newspaper and market your home-sale with a proper picture. Every now and again, weekend editions also include a real estate special.

A successful advertising will ensure a successful home-sale. Take the time to plan your efforts and research all available avenues for advertising your property.

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