Thanks For This Great Item – Key West Real Estate Book Critique

by Brianna Perry on January 10, 2012

Additionally, as attested to by many previous posters, Tom acknowledged my email within 15 minutes! I would venture to say not many authors/advisors in this business have done that.

This book will not do the job for you rather it will make you think. Granted the author is a little odd but, the information is true to fact. No pie in the sky promises like from late night TV gurus. I just got my first-hand experience with this guy. His attitude really stinks. This book has great tips, amazing resources, true stories (some cautionary, some inspiring) and real-life how-to stuff. Includes suggested contract language, buying and negotiating tips, etc. It’s a must for beginners or pros…You can always learn something. If you want to educate yourself in the detailed world of foreclosures this is the book for you. Would recommend this to ANYONE! Don’t hesitate in buying this book!

Very easy to peruse and use! This is a great book on pre-foreclosures, a certain point in time when houses are owned by the bank or are in the process of being owned by the bank but has not been sold to a public auction yet. Lucier is a great author, and all his books are worth buying. This book is the bomb!

I found this book very helpful since I work in real estate and have been involved in some public auctions of real estate for clients. This book has helped me see what investors look for so I can make my clients’ properties more attractive and fetch a better auction price.

The contents of this exceptional book are a valuable guide to any investor interested in this segment of the real estate business. I have modified some of my strategies as the result of having read and learned from this book, and can and do recommend the book very highly.

Considering other Guru’s want you to buy a plastic CD with forms on it for about $400, this guy’s got to be crazy. He’ll probably file bankruptcy in a couple of weeks giving all his forms away for free.

I already ordered another one of his books. Having 20 years of experience in the diamond/jewelry business, I’ve learned to spot the imposters and money hungry pitch-men. See my other reviews for more info on other books. This book is simple, straight forward, and realistic. He also answers his emails personally. I feel confident about my appointment I’m excited but not in the least bit nervous because I’ve read the Foreclosure Property Investor’s Kit, and I know what to do step by step.

This is the best book in foreclosure I have ever bought and read. indoor electric grill.

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